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I have been trying for some time with little success to be able to load highcharts as a require module. I was wondering if anyone had managed to get this working, or if they had any pointers to get me on the right track?

Thank you

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With require.js 2.1.0+ a plugin is not necessary. You can include Highcharts with a shim:

  paths: {
    require: "libs/require",
    jquery: "libs/jquery",
    highcharts: "libs/highcharts"
  shim: {
    highcharts: {
      exports: "Highcharts",
      deps: ["jquery"]
  } // end Shim Configuration
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I just got it to work as follows:

  1. Add this at the top:

    define(['jquery'], function (jQuery) {
  2. Add this at the very end:

    return window.Highcharts; });

This assumes you have jquery already defined, eg

    paths: {
        'jquery': 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.0/jquery.min'

You can follow this general approach for most third party libraries. For example, I did this for jquery.tmpl.js and knockout.js.

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Using the recent use.js plugin is definitely the way to go. Editing third party libs as suggested in my previous answer is a pain for maintainability.

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