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I have a program that defines a variable int data

The program uses scanf("%d",&data) to read data from stdin. If the data from stdin is not an integer, I have to print error message.

I tried if(scanf("%d",&data) ==EOF){ printf("error");return 1;}

It didn`t works for me. So, how can I determine if scanf failed or succeeded?

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scanf's return value is an integer, telling you how many items were succesfully read. If your single integer was read successfully, scanf will return 1.


int items_read = scanf("%d", &data);

if (items_read != 1) {
    //It was not a proper integer

There is a great discussion on reading integers here, on Stack Overflow.

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scanf returns the number of items successfully read. You can check if it failed by checking against 1, because you're reading one item:

if (scanf("%d", &data) != 1)
    // error
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scanf() returns EOF if an error occours, you should check the returned value.

For further information refer to the scanf manual page.

On linux you can also find it by writing:

man 3 scanf

in your terminal.

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