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When I create a new Mongo(--location--,--port#--) from inside an HttpServlet, I get an AccessControlException. I am not sure why. If I do it from inside a public static void main method, it works fine. Does anyone know why instantiating the object inside the doPost throws the exception, and running it from a psvm allows it to work fine. I tried pulling the code out of the servlet class and putting it in a helper class... but I still get the same result. Here is my code:

Mongo m = new Mongo("dbh75.mongolab.com",27757);

Here is the exception

java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermission dbh75.mongolab.com resolve)
at java.security.AccessControlContext.checkPermission(AccessControlContext.java:374)
at java.security.AccessController.checkPermission(AccessController.java:546)
at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkPermission(SecurityManager.java:532)
at com.google.appengine.tools.development.DevAppServerFactory$CustomSecurityManager.checkPermission(DevAppServerFactory.java:166)
at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkConnect(SecurityManager.java:1031)
at java.net.InetAddress.getAllByName0(InetAddress.java:1145)
at java.net.InetAddress.getAllByName(InetAddress.java:1083)
at java.net.InetAddress.getAllByName(InetAddress.java:1019)
at com.mongodb.ServerAddress._getAddress(ServerAddress.java:223)
at com.mongodb.ServerAddress.<init>(ServerAddress.java:75)
at com.mongodb.Mongo.<init>(Mongo.java:137)
at com.ffftimer.helper.MongoHelper.save(MongoHelper.java:30)
at com.ffftimer.services.workoutBucket.doPost(workoutBucket.java:26)
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Looks like different Java security policies are applied when you run the same code in both the environments. If you make the web-server use the same JRE that you use when you run it manually, it'll work. Or, you can compare the security policy files of both the JREs and fix one accordingly. –  srkavin Nov 18 '11 at 17:48
Where exactly are you running the servlet code? On a 3rd party host? The exception is basically telling that environment where the code runs is disallowed to resolve a hostname (you could try specifying an IP address instead, but I don't think that it would fix that if it's already disallowed to resolve a hostname). –  BalusC Nov 18 '11 at 18:01
I think that the problem is with the Google AppEngine. I don't think that it let's you open sockets to external systems, which is frustrating. Not sure why they would do that. I want to follow @srkavin's advice, but the GAE runs it's own JRE, and I can't make it use the window's default without breaking everything. I think that I am going see if I can figure out Heroku –  aaronfrost Nov 18 '11 at 18:10

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