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I am using Net::SMPP package to handle SMPP protocol. One of the protocol parameters should be NULL terminated string. When I send it I do :

my $receipted_message_id = '111111'."\0";

When I receive it I strip last character.

Is any better way to work with "C String" in Perl ?

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This seems like a perfectly good solution, not very complex, and Perlish in its approach. Is there some reason you think there should be a different solution? – Andrew Schulman Nov 18 '11 at 17:46

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You could trim the terminating null with a simple substitution:

$receipted_message_id =~ s/\0$//;

...or simply chop() the last character:

chop $receipted_message_id;
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You might want to look into pack and unpack (perldoc -f pack), specifically:

Z  A null-terminated (ASCIZ) string, will be null padded.

These functions are golden when working with other systems that require specific binary protocols, be it zero terminated strings, or ints in a certain "network order" or similar (high versus low endian).

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