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Is it anyone else's experience that lately (Nov. 2011) the production URL for validating In App Purchase receipts now works to validate sandbox-generated receipts?

If this can be relied upon its a huge boon for me. It means that the build I submit to Apple can be exactly the same as the build I test with (except for final code signing.)

I'm referring to and

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I noticed this too, and it is May 2012 so I guess this has been working for awhile.

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Same here today validating a receipt from a content server. Nice surprise. – itorres Jun 29 '12 at 9:40

This is no longer working as of 7/26/2012 (just found this post here, trying to figure out when it originally changed). You'll need to go back to the prod -> sandbox failover code, detailed in this tech note -

I'm guessing this is because of all the hacking of IAPs going on, and Apple now closing possible loopholes.

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