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I am toying with EC2 and here is my scenario :

One time : Created an EC2 instance with the necessary key pair.

Daily :

fire up an EC2 instance.
send a file of IDs to EC2 micro-instance from local machine.
fire a python script to process the IDs and generate an output file.
fetch the output file to the local machine from the EC2 instance.
stop the EC2 instance.

factors :

I am using the same EC2 instance every time I want to process this file.
I want to keep costs down, so I want to cron the whole process to start and stop at a certain time interval.

Rough code :

from boto.ec2.connection import EC2Connection

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = 'yourkey'
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = 'yoursecret'

conn = EC2Connection(AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,

reservation = conn.run_instances('ami-5647a33f', instance_type='m1.micro', key_name='mykey')

instance = reservation.instances[0]

while not instance.update() == 'running':

## Fetch the file from local machine
## --> Do the processing here --<
## send the file back to the local machine

# time up for the day, stop it

Right now, I am manually starting and stopping the EC2 instance and rsync'ing the file back and forth. I want to eliminate this step. Is this the best way of doing it or do you have any suggestions? If you can add some lines to the code with a sample input file from local machine (abc.txt) and print the contents of the file at ec2 and output that to a out.txt and fetch it back. That file transfer without password prompts is proving to be a challenge. (will eventually add to hosts file but didn't look into it yet)

Thank you SOers!

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It's kind of a far ranging question, but you want to have boto start the instance for you, poll EC2 to wait for the instance to be started, and then use rsync with passwordless logins to transfer the files back and forth. Once the processing is done you can have boto shut the instance back down.

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