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I've got (another) build error when trying to build my Buildroot environment. Note this question is in relation to (but not dependent on) my previous (resolved) questions here and here.

I'm trying to include Bluetooth support in the kernel as well as JamVM , but I have ALREADY succesfully built a Buildroot environment which includes Jamvm but now for some reason the build is failing.

When the build process gets to:

jamvm 1.5.1 Configuring

It eventually fails with the error:

checking for ecj... (cached) javac -Xlint:unchecked,cast,divzero,empty,finally,overrides

checking for pthread_self in -lpthread... yes

checking for fmod in -lm... yes

checking for dlopen in -ldl... (cached) yes

checking for inflate in -lz... yes

checking for ANSI C header files... (cached) yes

checking for sys/time.h... (cached) yes

checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes

checking endian.h usability... yes

checking endian.h presence... yes

checking for endian.h... yes

checking for sys/param.h... (cached) yes

checking for locale.h... (cached) yes

checking for zlib.h... (cached) no

configure: error: zlib.h is missing

I've checked the output location /output/build/zlib-1.2.3 and I can see the file zlib.h so I'm puzzled as to why make claims to be unable to find it. Also I altered jamvm.mk to depend upon zlib and tried make again (note I did not do a 'make clean')

Anyone have any ideas? I don't understand why jamvm won't build now, other than it must be something in the build process.

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Also having this problem... even added the zlib.h directory to PATH and tried referencing it directly with ./configure --includedir=[my_path] –  jocull Apr 8 '12 at 7:24

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In my case, I put zconf.h header file into my toolchain include folder and the zlib missing configuration error message is gone. give it a try.

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