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I want to setup a website where a team of developers (distributed all over the world) can get together and develop Software.

So far (after a ton of reading) im coming close to the conclusion that the tools I will need are: a Version control system (git , mercurial), a bugtracker and and project manager? This post here also help come to this conclusion.

Now my questions are: - Am I correct and what other tools will I need? - Will is be possible to integrate these tools with my website? by this I mean the look ( my website logo) and feel (not having to bounce around from one link to another)? - I would also prefer hosting my own git/mercurial repo as i dont want to have to go open source is is this advised? -Free/open source applications would be best

Also another question, I had a look at redmine, does this cover all the things that i would need? as i see it has a lot of features..

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You want to reinvent the wheel... do you know it?!

You forgot at least:

  • Future planning (and bugtracker will become issuetracker)
  • Team communication (realtime and|or non-realtime)
  • Some type of internal documentation (wiki?)
  • Code reviews
  • Unit-tests, build and deploy tools

Maybe private repository on code-hosting sites will be more natural (and fast) way? Or you can try GitHub Enterprise or Assembla Private Installation

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