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How can I retrieve the meta data such as Description, Modified/Create Dates etc from a Remote SSRS report. The report itself displays no problems in the ReportViewer control on the aspx page so I can access the report...

there doesn't seem to be any properties for those values in the .ServerReport object...

thanks heaps!

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There are a couple of ways, one way is to add a web reference to the web services interface of your reporting server and call the GetReportDefinition method. more information here:

The code could look like this:

ReportingService reportingService = new ReportingService();

XmlDocument xmlDocument = null;

byte[] reportDefinition = reportingService.GetReportDefinition(ReportName);

using (MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(reportDefinition))
    xmlDocument = new XmlDocument();

This gets your .rdl file that you can parse using the XML tools. You can also call the tables in the SSRS database via SQL/ADO/Linq to get the information you are after:

Some good examples of T-SQL against the reporting service database:

All of the information you are after might not be in a single spot, for example, some might be in the .rdl, and some in the SQL Server database.


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Just thought I would add that the particular webservice method that I was after was the GetProperties() one which retrieves the following list of properties: – davidsleeps May 21 '09 at 0:21

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