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I am looking at building a LinkedIn application and i am a little bit flustered because of the paucity of Information out there. Here are things i need to know:

1) Is there any LinkedIn AppStore or a central place where i can test out applications? The link i could find is http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=application_directory but i dont want to believe there is only 18 Applications on the LinkedIn platform

2) How do i host or integrate my Application into LinkedIn. The only option i can see when it comes to using LinkedIn API is to have the application on your domain and call the API from your APP. But is there a possibility of having the Application have a linkedIn domain? like we have on Facebook?


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Those applications you link are indeed the only ones that have been approved for use on the LinkedIn.com site - there is no open development system to build apps on LinkedIn.

To build applications against the LinkedIn platform, you would use the JavaScript or REST APIs, and you would need to host the application on your own domain.

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