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Let's say I have some json like this in mongo:


and a java class like this:

public class Example {
    Integer n;

This works (I know that the json should store the value as an int not a string but I don't control that part).

Now when I have data like this morphia throws:


I'm looking for a workaround (the behavior I'd like is for empty string to be treated same as null).

The only workaround I have so far is:

public class Example {
    String n;

    public Integer getN() {
        return NumberUtils.isNumber(n) ? NumberUtils.createInteger(n) : null;

But I'm hoping for some way to hang an annotation on the Integer property that customizes the deserialization behavior.

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So I asked this on the morphia google group and I thought I'd share the answer. Using the lifecycle annotation @PreLoad allows me to modify the DBObject before conversions into POJO takes place. So this should do it:

@PreLoad void fixup(DBObject obj) {
    if (StringUtils.isEmpty(obj.get("n"))) {
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