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I'm using the linkedin JS-API

This example

I'm accepting the company name from the user. So, I want to build the <script> part of the above example programmatically. This is what I've done so far,

function companySearch()
   var companyName = document.getElementById("companyName").value;

   var searchHTML = "Search Results : ";

   searchHTML = searchHTML + "<p> The company details are as follows";
   searchHTML = searchHTML + "<script type=\"IN/CompanyProfile\" data-id=\"linkedin\" data-format=\"hover\"></script>";
   searchHTML = searchHTML + "</p>";

   document.getElementById("companyResult").innerHTML = searchHTML;


    <script type="IN/Login"></script>

                        Company Name :
                        <input type="Text" id="companyName" value=""/>

                        <input type="button" value="Search LinkedIn" onclick="companySearch()"/>

        <div id="companyResult">



enter image description here

What is going wrong here?

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You need to break up your script tags so the parser doesn't see them:

searchHTML = searchHTML + "<scr" + "ipt type=\"IN/CompanyProfile\" data-id=\"linkedin\" data-format=\"hover\"></scr" + "ipt>";
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You sir, have saved my life & time, thank you. Appreciate it. –  akriy Nov 18 '11 at 19:35

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