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I have multiple locations (20+ per page) that need to be mapped on a single map. I would like to click on a link for the location that is not dynamically generated (for SEO purposes) that would open the info window for the respective marker on the map.

Behavior should mimic http://maptheburg.com/ - but this map has the sidebar links dynamically generated.

Yelp.com is the only site I have seen so far that manages to implement the Google Maps API with unobtrusive JavaScript.

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I'm not entirely sure what the yelp implementation is but if it's unobtrusive JavaScript mapping you're after then your only feasible option is to deliver a static image rather than an interactive map where JavaScript is unavailable.

A quick walk through of this technique can be found here


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Yelp.com has it's own JavaScript library which is interacting/using Google Map's JavaScript API for maps. You might want to start by peeking in there.

Might want to also check out PdMarker for advanced Google Maps markers.

If I remember right, Yelp took one of the open-source markers implementations and modified it for their own uses.

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