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Now I come up with some problems about RDF. I have to check a RDF file whether it is valid. Below is an example of my RDF file:

<skos:Concept rdf:about='loc:107'>
<skos:altLabel>Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet</skos:altLabel>
<skos:broader rdf:resource='loc:3'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:110'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:111'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:112'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:108'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:115'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:113'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:109'/>
<skos:narrower rdf:resource='loc:114'/>

It is skos actually. I use jena to parse it,and jena can check the errors of RDF properties, such as replacing the rdf:about with rdf:abou ,jena will throw an exception. But if I replace skos:broader with skos:broad ,jena will say ok. What can I do if I want to ensure that all the entities and properties in this RDF file are valid? Or to say,all the skos:broader are spelt correctly, not in wrong spell like skos:broad ,and all skos entities or properties should be embedded in <skos:Concept></skos:Concept>. In a word,is there anything can do the work that xml schema do for RDF?

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You can use Jena's Eyeball tool for this.

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I will try it!And I find that there is a tool——qSKOS ,which is a Ruby API.As I have not learn Ruby before ,and there is less documents about it,I don't know whether it can solve my problem. –  rickey Nov 20 '11 at 7:48

I don't know of a tool that can do this, but I expect something exists. If not my company will build a free tool to do it.

Sorry, that's not a very helpful reply, but it's not actually a very common question, and I don't know why...

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Thank you also! –  rickey Nov 20 '11 at 7:44

Try SPIN constraints: http://spinrdf.org/spin.html#spin-constraints

There is also a data quality library with some common ones: http://semwebquality.org/ontologies/dq-constraints

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