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I'm not good with the old JOIN statements and looking for a little friendly help. I have two tables, lets say table Employee:

   LastName DepartmentID
Rafferty    31
Jones   33
Steinberg   33
Robinson    34
Smith   34
John    NULL

and table Department:

DepartmentID    DepartmentName
31  Sales
33  Engineering
34  Clerical
35  Marketing

if I want to return results where DepartmentID=31 AND only results where Employee.DepartmentID = Department.DepartmentID, so that the returned result would look like this:

Employee.LastName   Employee.DepartmentID   Department.DepartmentName
Rafferty    31  Sales

(we can drop one of the DepartmentID's since they are the same) - what is the SQL statement that will accomplish that?


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SELECT e.LastName, e.DepartmentID, d.DepartmentName
FROM Employee e
INNER JOIN Department d ON d.DepartmentID = e.DepartmentID
WHERE d.DepartmentID = 31
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thanks, does the 'Department d' and 'Employee e' make 'd' and 'e' reusable variables? –  themerlinproject Nov 18 '11 at 19:21
@themerlinproject - no, it just creates aliases for the table names for use within that same query. In this case I'm using it so I can simply type 'e' instead of 'Employee' for example. Aliases are especially handy though when you join a table to itself. –  Eric Petroelje Nov 18 '11 at 21:00

There's the metaphorical fish:

SELECT * FROM employee INNER JOIN department on employee.departmentId = department.departmentId WHERE departmentId = 31

And here's the metaphorical fishing lesson:

http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_join.asp (just press 'next')

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SELECT e.LastName, e.DeparmentID, d.DepartmentName
FROM employee AS e INNER JOIN department AS d ON e.DepartmentID = e.DepartmentID
WHERE e.DepartmentID = 31

We'll use an INNER JOIN to match the records in each table using the ON section -> equating departmentid values between both tables.

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