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I have a Delphi 6 application using the DSPACK component library that builds a filter graph and then runs it. When I run the Filter Graph I am getting an error via a failed HRESULT return from IMediaControl.Run(), using a cePlay control event status. I know that I can use the HRESULT error code to guess which filter failed, but I would like a better way. Is there a way to ferret out which filter triggered the failure when IMediaControl.Run(csPlay) returns a failed HRESULT code, via a DirectShow call or sequence of calls?

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There is no way to know, you are only forwarded the error code from some filter. The best strategy to toubleshoot is to simplify the graph and isolate the problem.

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Ok, will do. It was easy to track down in this case. I simply neglected to set the output file name to a file writer filter that needed it assigned before working properly. But I'm sure there will be other times where the debugging path is not so simple. – Robert Oschler Nov 18 '11 at 23:45

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