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I am trying to merge a splash screen image which is in jpg format with an ajaxloader which is in gif format.

I tried the following command using ImageMagik:

convert -delay 50 splashimage.jpg ajaxloader.gif final.gif

This command does merge the gif file with the jpg image but the loader appear at the top-left corner.

I was wondering if there is an option available to place it at a specfic (x,y) point on the jpg image?

If anybody has had done a similar thing or has an idea as to how a similar thing can be achieved, please guide me through.


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Why would you want to do this? You'd be turning a nice 24bit JPG into a crappy quality single frame on an 8bit gif. You could just use some CSS tricks to overlay the loader .gif on top of the .jpg on a webpage, which would not sacrifice any image quality to achieve the same effect.

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I can't do this in my case, its not possible the way the app works. I have to merge them.. any suggestions for this? –  Mahendra Nov 18 '11 at 19:41
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I solved the problem by designing individual frames of images with the desired location of my text and merged them using Imagemagik.

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