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I've just installed XAMPP and just wondering what are the benefits of running Apache as a service?

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One of the benefits is that when installed as a service is that you can limit the privileges (directories read/write access, network access, this means better security of course) of the account that runs it (the default is the LocalSystem account on Windows, you can find more about it here).

And as admin pointed out, you can also keep the service running without you being logged in all the time.

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The benefits of a service in general (on Windows) :

  • It can automatic start at System Logon
  • Start and stop not related to a specific user session
  • Run in Background
  • Can run under a special account (LocalSystem, Network Service)
  • From Vista/Server 2008 onwards run in Session 0 (Isolation)

If you use apache only for developing purpose you can avoid to install it as service and run it when needed directly from your user session, in a production enviroment is highly recommended to install and run it as service ...

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-Don't have to start it after each boot. -If you log off the server continues running.

If you will use the server all the time, set it as a service... If not, just start it when you need it to keep the resourses free.

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