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Say for example I have a Blog app that I want to be able to drop into different projects, but I always want the Blog to be associated with some other model. For example, in one case I may want it to be associated with a user:


But on another site I want it to be associated with, say, a school:


Is there a way to make the Blog app pluggable so that it's not necessary to redefine the model (adding a foreign key field) whenever I drop it into a project?

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check last django conference for talk on pluggable apps –  yesraaj May 4 '09 at 6:40

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You might want to look into the ContentTypes framework, I used it to create a comment app that can be used for commenting any model in the database (for different reasons, I didn't want to use the standard django comment app).


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Generic relationships allow you to have a foreign key to any other model. However it's not clear from your question what type of object you want a foreign key to link to. I suspect that foreign key relationship isn't really generic - you just haven't spotted another part of your system that could also be a reusable app.

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There are several important details for making sure an app can be reusable and I think it's best to link to two of the more important sets of documentation on the topic:

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