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In theory, the JDB (java debugger) allows for a single thread to be killed. In practice, is it possible? Here I attach jdb to my JVM, which has an agentlib at port 8000:

$ jdb -attach 8000

I list the threads:

> threads
Group system:
  (java.lang ...

I find the thread in question and try to kill it:

> kill 0x21bb new java.lang.Exception("die!")
killing thead: pool-766-thread-1
> Unable to create java.lang.Exception instance
Expression must evaluate to an object

So threads cannot be killed?

How can one create a new Exception in the jdb, to give it to the thread to die?

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The semicolor does not make a difference (tested it), and the poster in the "here" link that you added also says that he cannot kill the thread either. – Albert Cardona Nov 30 '11 at 20:52

The following answer on SO does seems only to enforce your question.

But the following answer probably does answer your question...

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It is possible you have jconsole/jvisualvm also running. I had the same issue, but then I closed jconsole, the jdb kill command worked.

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