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I look at one really great instrument for modal windows - TinyBox2

There is option for ajax request from another url.

Ajax option need to define url from which content will be loaded.

But url (as I understood) must be relative to the current url (e.g. if you are here: www.example.com/user and you want to make ajax request, you must specify url option as 'some.html' and it must be available at www.example.com/user/some.html).

But I need url to be relative to the base domain url (e.g. www.example.com/some.html)

How to do that?

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It seems to work fine if you do this:


instead of this:


Notice the slash in front of 'some.html' in the first version. That tells it to retrieve something from the server root, rather than the current location.

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Thanks! I'll try that –  Vitali Ponomar Nov 19 '11 at 11:28

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