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So I figured how to access a user's friends list using the graph API:

if($user_id) {

  try {
        $friends = $facebook->api("/me/friends/work_history");
    catch(Exception $o){

If I get rid of work_history it will return a list of friends by echoing $friends. If I keep work_history there it just returns a blank data array. I've granted permissions via the test user to access friends work history but nothing returns.

How do I access a list of the test users friends work history?

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Hi!!! With the new graph api, you have found a way to get the friends work history ? –  Nullpo Apr 7 at 4:05

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Specify that you want the work field by accessing this url:,name,work&access_token=...

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I'm still getting the same result: –  buttonitup Nov 19 '11 at 3:50

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