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New-style status messages (as in mobile apps and web interface) have new properties e.g.

  • with (people who are doing the activity with)
  • location (your city or exact place)
  • picture (to be posted to your Mobile Uploads or Wall Photos album and shown with the status message.

However in FB Graph object Status, sadly I can't find any of those features What I want to do is post some status messages from my app and tag specific friends of user in the post (as "with" described above) and also post a picture with the status message.

How is that possible since Status object does not have an attachment field? Probably I need to use object_tags or with_tags (not documented in FB Graph API doc!) however could not adjust those parameters :(

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It's not yet possible to add this metadata to a stream Post or status message. With reference to object_tags and with_tags, it'd be great if you filed a bug report about that not being documented in the FB Bug Tracker

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