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Today my problem is this I have 2 columns and I wish to check if the sum of those columns isn't bigger than a value (485 for example) and if is do a query...

I though to do

SELECT * FROM table WHERE ColumnA + ColumnB < 485

But it isn't working... I've already tried with

SELECT Sum(ColumnA) + Sum(ColumnB) AS Total FROM table

but it gives me 1 column with the sum of all rows, I instead want a row for every sum. So how can I do..? xD I hope you understood if not just ask that I try to explain it better! and thanks in advance for those who will help me!

EDIT: I Found out XD the problem was that the columns was Smallint and the result of 1 or more rows was more than 32k so it wasn't working! Thanks all!!

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Why did you tag both mysql and sql-server? – Kirk Woll Nov 19 '11 at 0:13
Why don't you go finish up… and then come back here.... – Russell McClure Nov 19 '11 at 0:16
The only reason I can see for your first sql statement to not work is all of your records have ColumnA + ColumnB >= 485. – David Parvin Nov 19 '11 at 0:39
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The right query to achieve it is:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE ColumnA+ColumnB<485

This way the Select will return all the rows where ColumnA + ColumnB is less than 485

If otherwise you want in return the sum of the two columns you can use

SELECT SUM(ColumnA)+SUM(ColumnB) FROM Table

This way the query do a sum of columnA on all the rows, the sum of ColumnB on all the rows and then sum the two sums...

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If you have null values in any of the two columns you have to use case when:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE (CASE WHEN ColumnA IS NULL 0 ELSE ColumnA END) + (CASE WHEN ColumnB IS NULL 0 ELSE ColumnB END) < 485;

Maybe you have some null values or all of your data have a greater sum value then 485 for these columns as David Parvin stated.

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