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Cedric -

I have some tests with several tags: A, B, C, in different combinations. I wish to run all tests that are tagged with A, and exclude all tests that are tagged with C.

I use:

testng ant target with:

groups=A excludedgroups=C

Yet, the test run executes all tests tagged with A, including the ones tagged with C.

Is there anyway to make this work as I intend?


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You will have to implement your own logic for this, TestNG's implementation is fairly simplistic in that regards (inclusion takes over exclusion and that's it). It's pretty straightforward with BeanShell, here is an example.

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Thanks Cedric. It looks like BeanShell is dependent on using a testng.xml config file. All of our tests are selected dynamically with groups, wrapped in the testng ant command, so we don't use a hard-coded testng .xml config file. Is there any way to use BeanShell without this config file? – Denali Lumma Nov 21 '11 at 18:03
Not really, but you can use the second next best thing: IMethodSelector (Javadoc: – Cedric Beust Nov 22 '11 at 5:33

Denali, you can use the function

XmlTest.setBeanShellExpression("return true;");

for example.

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