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i had a index page with url as www.exa,com/users/jude.In that page i want to submit a from which appears from popup dialog.The action of the popup is going to send_message,Whenever i submits, via ajax the data gets stored but not the page gets reflected.

My controller

 def send_message
    @message =[:message])
    @message.receiver_id =
    respond_to do |format|
        format.html {redirect_to user_url(current_user)}

View file

-form_for,:url=>'users_message_path',:remote=>true do |f|
      =hidden_field_tag :id,@user.login
      =f.text_area 'content',:rows => 10, :cols => 25
      =f.submit 'Send'

My js.erb


Problem is ajax is requestuing the action /users/send_message and not /users/jude

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Whenever we use haml as a markup, then we have all the files should have .html.haml naming conventions, since views with the .html.haml extension will automatically use Haml.

Now in format.js file we can our updated or inserted data to show

$('#dialog').html('<%= escape_javascript "You have successfully sent your message to #{@message.receiver_id.login}"%>')

Now the data gets inserted via ajax calls

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