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I'm using Jsoup to parse and modify some HTML. In certain places, I want to add a non-breaking space entity ( ) to the HTML. I assumed I could do it as in this simplified example:

Element paragraph = someDocument.select("p").first();
paragraph.text("First sentence.  Second sentence.");

But Jsoup turns my   into   effectively encoding the ampersand itself. I guess my real question is: how can I manually write an ampersand character to the text of an Element?

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You are doing Element.text. If its html, use .html(String s) instead so, replace your code with

Element paragraph = someDocument.select("p").first();
paragraph.html("First sentence.  Second sentence.");
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This way you dont need to worry about adding other special html characters too –  Adithya Surampudi Nov 19 '11 at 2:20

Try using the unicode value for no-breaking space.

Element paragraph = someDocument.select("p").first();
paragraph.text("First sentence.\u00a0Second sentence.");
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+1. And if you prefer nbsp to 00a0, you can use org.jsoup.nodes.Entities.getCharacterByName("nbsp"). –  ruakh Nov 19 '11 at 2:17
Using the unicode escape sequence directly in the string doesn't work. However, Entities.getCharacterByName(String s) does work. Still going with the other answer because I think it is more appropriate to my exact situation. +1 to ruakh's comment though. Darn my noobishness. Can I not +1 the comment? It seems I voted for it instead . . . –  Knave Nov 19 '11 at 9:12

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