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I'm currently looking for good (and free if possible) Web RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool or Visual Ajax IDE, something like Morfik or Delphi for PHP with more usual deployment method (both create standalone application or web server modules). What i mean was IDE that support drag-n-drop component for building web application and the result was standard .(x)html & .js (and maybe .php) files so i can upload it to my favorite web host right away.

I already inspecting VisualWebGui, Visual Ajax Studio, Visual Ajax Builder but all have same method as above for deployment (some using Java platform).

I then take a look Sigma Visual, checked the demo, but it was too slow...

Maybe better to wait Delphi for PHP with EXTJS as their GUI package

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Why you dont just use Visual Studio Web Developer ? or Eclipse

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as far as i know, eclipse was multi-programming language IDE, does it support visual (drag-n-drop component)? And Visual Studio Web Developer, i can't found an offline installer for the free version (i only get web installer which was pain) – Dels May 4 '09 at 8:04
eclipse does support visual and you can find always visual studio in rapidsahre – Adinochestva May 4 '09 at 8:22
If you want a visual, drag and drop IDE that is open source, try Wavemaker – C Keene Nov 5 '10 at 3:33

I have found this : VisualJS.NET (very interesting and promising)

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Have a good look at Quite a lot of free stuff - RAD for the Web - Delphi PHP, Delphi VCL for Web, GO-Global for Windows on EC2. And Xajax and SVG as well as Silverlight and Java Web Start. This is a site for co-working projects without fees.

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I use AlphaFive, check their website for support and services.

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