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When using the Twitter gem. This works fine when I'm running it locally, but once I deploy it to Heroku, it's clear the the user object is coming back Nil.

<% twit_search(search_val, coeff) do |r| %>
      name = r.user[:screen_name] unless r.user.nil?
      profile_url = "/tweeps?name=#{name}" 
    <b><%= link_to(name.to_s, profile_url, :target => "new") %></b>: 
<% end %>

All of the parts that include name are empty and before I included the unless user.nil? the page would just fail to render when I deployed to Heroky, with the logs saying something to the effect of "no method [] for NilClass"

Here's the method I'm calling.

def twit_search(query, coeff)    
  Twitter.search(query, :rpp => 10).each { |r| yield r }

And even stranger is that some members of r I can access just fine and are not Nil, but user is.

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Maby ratelimit? I think twitter has 150 requests from a ip to their API per hour. Maby your not the only one doing API stuff? Check Twitter::RateLimitStatus

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It's a good suggestion, but I don't think that's the case as I worked around the issue with this: usr = r.user.nil? ? Twitter.status(r.id).user : r.user which is suboptimal, but worked – Joshua Clark Nov 23 '11 at 4:55

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