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I'm creating an extension for a site so that when a user types :) it changes to a graphical emotion. It all works fine when I refresh the page.

The problem is, when a user on the site types a message it's done using ajax, so there is no page load. I need a way to reload the content script, or to change the ASCII emotion to an image without reloading the page.

Is this possible?

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Is your extension targeting one specific site, or all sites? – Chris Nov 19 '11 at 4:28

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You can listen for keyup events on the textarea or form submits if you only want to change the emotion at the end. jQuery().on() should let you do this. For example $('#textarea').on('keyup', changeEmot) or $('#form').on('submit', changeEmot). You may have to play around with the selectors and the events you get the gist.

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