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How can we enumerate all the network connections in order to extract the IP address of the VPN connection using WMI? On XP, Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration works fine but on Vista it only seems to enumerate the physical connections...

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If you look at the comments under the documentation for Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration you'll see a reference to Win32_NetworkAdapter when dealing with Vista.

'Vista only code???
Set colAdapters = objWMIService.Execquery ("SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE NetEnabled = True")
For Each nic in colAdapters
    msg = "nic.DeviceId: " & nic.DeviceId & vbCRLF _
    & "nic.Name: " & nic.Name & vbCRLF _

From this you should be able to retreive the InterfaceIndex and lookup the IP address from the Win32_IP4RouteTable class.

It certainly is a roundabout way of getting the information compared to using Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration.

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Found it in the MSFT classes! Windows Specific implementation of CIM interface object: gwmi msft_netIPAddress -Namespace 'root/standardcimv2' | format-list -Property InterfaceAlias,IPAddress

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