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For Maven2 how can I get the name of goal currently being executed in Mojo's execute method? Precisely I need value of @goal attribute inside Mojo's execute method.

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public static String getGoalName(PluginDescriptor pluginDescriptor, String mojoClassName) {
    	String goalName=null;
    	List<MojoDescriptor> mojoDescriptorList = pluginDescriptor.getMojos();
    	for (MojoDescriptor mojoDescriptor : mojoDescriptorList) {
    		if (mojoDescriptor.getImplementation().equals(mojoClassName)) {
    	return goalName;

Here, PluginDescriptor can be fetched from pluginManager.getPluginDescriptorForPrefix("prefix-for-your-plugin"). PluginManager is available as @component role="org.apache.maven.plugin.PluginManager"

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I have used this solution with great success on maven2, but when i switched to maven3 it stopped working. In maven3 it gets the mojoDescriptorList for the latest version in the maven repository, and not the version I'm using. So if you have removed a goal in the newest version of your plugin, and you use an older plugin, mojoDescriptorList will be missing a goal that is still present in the old version of the plugin. –  Pylinux Sep 4 '12 at 9:08

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