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I'm developing a Facebook application as a Page Tab App. I want to show the OAuth dialog box before the user access the application via the fan page. How can I do this?

For a canvas app, when I enable the OAuth dialog box from the application settings (Enhanced Auth Dialog) the OAuth dialog box is shown when the application is accessed via when I access the same application using the page tab added inside a fan page, the OAuth dialog is not shown.

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See the tutorial Canvas Tutorial.

The key trick is that you need to target the "_top" window (outside of the iframe)... For example,

echo('<script> top.location.href="' . $auth_url . '"</script>');


echo('<a target="_top" href="' . $auth_url . '">Authorize this application...</a>');

To my knowledge you can not complete this authorization flow inside of the iframe.

I also recommend watching the short video Authentication: An Overview from Facebook Developer Garage: Paris (2011-03-29).

If you want to request authentication (or add on some additional permissions after authentication) see the two JavaScript SDK functions, FB.getLoginStatus and FB.login. Take note that FB.login launches a popup window - so it must be triggered from a user click event (or some browsers will block the popup). The benefit of this method is it doesn't require page redirects - the popup communicates back the response without a reload.

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