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I am recently working on a .net 2.0 project I have to read some xml files and replace certain elements value. Wondering how you do it the following not using linq to xml?

 IEnumerable<XElement> cities= xmldoc.Descendants("City")
            .Where(x => x.Value == "London");

        foreach (XElement myElem in cities)
            myElem.ReplaceWith(new XElement("City", "NewCity"));


       var xElement = xdoc.Descendants("FirstName").Where(x => x.Value == "Max").First();
        xElement.ReplaceWith(new XElement("FirstName", "NewValue");

Any suggestions

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Read this SO post - LINQ on the .NET 2.0 Runtime stackoverflow.com/questions/2138/linq-on-the-net-2-0-runtime –  AVD Nov 19 '11 at 10:24
take a look at here developer.com/net/csharp/article.php/3489611 –  pratap k Nov 19 '11 at 10:41
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You can consider using XmlDocument, like this:

string xmlFile = "<xml><data<test /><test /><test /><test /></data></xml>";
var xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();

var oNodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("//test");
foreach (var oNode in oNodes)
   oNode.InnerText = "bla bla"; 

xmlDoc.Save("..path to xml file");

(In your case you can use InnerXml property of the document)


To selectNodes you should pass XPath Query, reference can be found:


Also if you XML contains namespace, you need to use XmlNamespaceManager:


Otherwise xpath won't work.

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You will need to use XmlDocument and query it using XPath with SelectNodes.

It will not be as nice and succint.

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