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I want to get class .mGMZs in input name=age with .closest, I try it in following demo but i doesn't work as expected, how can I fix it?

<div class="age">
    <div class="column">
        <input name="age[0][]" class="mGMZs" placeholder="Age(Geting class this)">
        <div class="p_age">
    <br />
    <button>Click Me</button>

$('button').live('click', function () {
    var class_age = '.' + $(this).closest('div.age').find('input[name="age"]').prop('name');
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You can do this with a little change:



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So you can find based on input's class:

$('button').live('click', function () {
    var class_age = '.' + $(this).closest('div.age').find('input.mGMZs').prop('name');
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