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All of a sudden I can see my grails application deployed in tomcat is getting initialized twice or even more at times during tomcat start up.

I was used to delete the old (app.war) and already expanded folder, then copy (app.war) in tomcat webapp folder then call startup.sh and never got this issue before.

How do I know its being initialized multiple times: Well I can see the logs twice or even more during startup.

e.g. 'INFO: Deploying web application archive app.war'

Any clues, what could be the reason? As a side effect I suspect that my Quartz jobs are running with multiple instances at the same time as well and causing concurrent modification exceptions.

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i usually just drop the newer .war into the webapps dir and then tomcat will take it from there nicely. no need to do any deleting myself –  Hans Westerbeek Nov 20 '11 at 17:55
Out of curiosity, do you run with permgen memory in the gigabytes range then? Anything other than a trivial app will go out of permgen space incredibly fast with that kind of redeployment on tomcat. Unless you know some tricks to have tomcat internally restart the vm or something on the new .war redeploy. –  Oliver Tynes Nov 21 '11 at 8:32

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