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I want to convert the following raw mail subject to normal UTF-8 text:

=?UTF-8?B?UmU6ICMyLUZpbmFsIEFjY2VwdGFuY2UgdGVzdCB3aXRoIG5ldyB0ZXh0IHdpdGggU2xvdg==?= =?UTF-8?B?YWsgaW50ZXJwdW5jdGlvbnMgIivEvsWhxI3FpcW+w73DocOtw6khxYgi?=

The real text for that is (yes, there are some crazy diacritics in it):

Re: #2-Final Acceptance test with new text with Slovak interpunctions "+ľščťžýáíé!ň"

The way I handle mail subjects:

function subject_imapUtf8($str){
    $conv = '';
        $subParts = preg_split('/[\r\n]+/',$str);
        $conv .=  imap_utf8(trim($subParts[$i]));
    return $conv;

For the example this gives me:

=?UTF-8?B?UmU6ICMyLUZpbmFsIEFjY2VwdGFuY2UgdGVzdCB3aXRoIG5ldyB0ZXh0IHdpdGggU2xvdg==?=ak interpunctions "+ľščťžýáíé!ň"

So as you can see the second part/line of the subject is converted correclty.

What do I need to change to convert the first part correctly?

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echo mb_decode_mimeheader($mime); 
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