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I gather from this question and others like it, as well as a thorough web search, that libgluezilla is not available for OS X so it is not possible to use the WebBrowser control.

If that is still the case, is there any other way of displaying HTML within a mono application on a Mac?

EDIT: I have tried open-webkit-sharp but get a run time error like 'cannot find file ......\English.ini', which is odd as it exists in the place that is being searched. Following Lex Li's suggestion I tried with MonoMac, but evidently I need to do more than add in some name spaces and a couple of lines of initialisation code to get the program working as it compiles okay but does not actually open a window when run. I think that MonoMac is probably not the way I want to go anyway as it will prevent the code from being cross platform which is why I am going down the mono route.

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have you tried webkit-sharp? – IanNorton Nov 19 '11 at 22:15
@IanNorton, I could not get hold of webkit-sharp but happened across open-webkit-sharp which looks promising, so thank you for the suggestion. – blankabout Nov 20 '11 at 2:27
If you are using MonoMac, WebKit class is already part of this framework, – Lex Li Nov 20 '11 at 5:20

I have implemented in my application displaying HTML using mono. I use monobjc( and mono 2.8.10. Monobjc 4.0 has webkit dlls in it. You can use it.

There are two ways -

  1. Recommended approach - Using Webkit - Examples available on monobjc site - If you download the project you will see the sample code.

Documentation at the site is self explanatory.

2 Not recommended - Using textView -SubClass NSTextView and hook it up with your project. Now add the following code to the Setter of your subclass . I am pasting the code that can be used with monobjc.

 NSString str = new NSString(value);

 NSData data = str.DataUsingEncoding(NSStringEncoding.NSUnicodeStringEncoding);

var attributedString1 = new NSMutableAttributedString();

NSDictionary dict;

_htmlString = attributedString1.InitWithHTMLDocumentAttributes(data, out dict).CastAs();


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Monobjc is awesome!! – Donny V. Mar 10 '12 at 4:30

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