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I am building an application in mvc3 and i want to do that when user come into my site i want to know that whats user timezone . i want to know how to do this in c# not in java script ?

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This isn't possible server side unless you assume it via the users ip address or get the user to set it in some form of a profile. You could get the clients time via javascript.

See here for the javacript solution: Getting the client's timezone in JavaScript

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I got the same issue , Unfortunately there is no way for the server to know the client timezone . If you want you can send client timezone as header while making ajax call .

In-case if you want more info on adding the header this post may help how to add header to request : How can I add a custom HTTP header to ajax request with js or jQuery?

If you don't want to add header every time , you can think of setting a cookie since cookie is sent with all httpRequest you can process the cookie to get client timezone on server side . But i don't prefer adding cookies , for the same reason they sent with all http requests. Thanks.

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I think the answer is that whatever you like is irrelevant - the information is not available. Browsers dont send it to the server, so the server can not determine it.

Not you COULD get the location of the user from his ip adddress, but that would not count in for people configuring their computers different for whatever reason (like traveling).

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