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I have series of images with sorted names, like 0000000354 ... 0000008591 I have tried using ffmpeg or MEncoder to convert theme. In ffmpeg the problem is this that it will operate while the names are like 0000000001 ... 00000000009 with %010d syntax.I don't know what syntax i should use for my images mencoder it will cover all images But when i play the output video it doesn't show images,I want to show every image in 5 seconds or somthing like this, any one can help?

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Let's say you have:


To encode it into a movie using ffmpeg just use the filename pattern:

ffmpeg -i "img%06d.png" -vcodec libx264 -vpre ipod640 output.mp4
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ffmpeg can't read in arbitrarily named images. You'll have to rename them or do something clever with symlinks to get ffmpeg to take them as input.

From the man page:

If the pattern contains "%d" or "%0Nd", the first filename of the file list specified by the pattern must contain a number inclusively contained between 0 and 4, all the following numbers must be sequential. This limitation may be hopefully fixed.

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