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Have a webapplication with backend developed on python ( running on Django) and front end on HTML5 & javascript. Python generated data is passed on to JavaScript/HTML using JSON.

Now, I would like to make it a mobile application, iPhone app to begin with. The Front end is very much the same with changes in CSS files to make it look like iPhone native application ( Thanks to jQTouch )

What options do I have to make the back end Native on iPhone/ other Mobiles?

I'm not sure how stable and easy pyObjc / cobbal is. Secondly my belief is, using these solutions makes it not so portable to other Mobiles.

So was thinking of converting python code to Javascript and running it all inside browser. I believe pyjamas/ py2Js will do good job of conversion. Has anyone done this ? are there any flaws in this design ? Any better options avaliable ?

Best, Srinivas

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What I cannot understand is why you need your backend being native to iPhone. This doesn't make sense. The backend is a server-side infrastructure that speaks HTTP, so it is independent from your frontend, which may be implemented in any language (usually in HTML/Javascript, but also a GUI in *).

Then, there is coffeescript. It's a scripting language that compiles to javascript, and it feels like python/ruby, so it is easy to write javascript code in a more pythonic way.

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The application needs to be native for complete offline working. I woudn't like make any access to server, unless there are loopholes in deisgn. I liked coffeescript ... although simple, needs coding in yet another language. –  Srinivas K J Nov 19 '11 at 15:15

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