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I have created a simple flash game similar to shooting balloons. You can find one example on this site. My game is working fine on windows in all browsers(locally & on server) and it is also working fine on Mac in safari & firefox but game is completely unplayable in chrome on Mac.

Is this because of memory leaks in my game or is this the problem of chrome on Mac.

And how can i trace memory leaks in my game. It is coded in AS3 using Flash CS5.


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Indeed.. not playable with mac/chrome (ver 15.0.874.120) flash (ver

You can try Monster Debugger:

Its quite easy to use.

But first.. my guess is that you have something in your main gameloop (onEnterFrame, timer). You can try to remove things from your gameloop piece by piece until you catch the problem.

EDIT: I tried your game again, and i believe the problem is somewhere how you handle the hearts, perhaps you have forgot to removeChild or some listeners when hearts are dropped, and off the screen.

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Thanks Jarno for your reply. But I looked at my code again and i think i am removing them completly after they drop down. I am using the same code in other game also but again problem is same but this time in shooting canon.Here is the link – Khushwant Nov 21 '11 at 8:33
You can find my .as file at this link if you want to look at it. Thanks – Khushwant Nov 21 '11 at 9:45
well all the code didnt open up for me, but i suppose you should optimize at least moveShootingBall() function. Its called in main game loop, right? Perhaps some of variables could be declared as class var, so they wont be declared each time the gameloop call moveStoothingBall. Here is some tips for optimize your loop: – Jarno Nov 21 '11 at 14:04
the other game was not so laggy.. but it was also pretty much unplayable after a while. Next level gave fresh start thought.. – Jarno Nov 21 '11 at 14:10
finally i got it...problem occured because of rendering of balls.I was using updateAfterEvent() function to update the display list in moveBalls() function.By removing that it is working fine in all browsers(Mac & windows) :) Thanks – Khushwant Nov 23 '11 at 13:02

Flash uses a garbage collector for managing memory. That means that memory leaks do not exist by definition, everything that is in memory is being referenced somewhere. There's no way for an external tool or application to know whether or not an object in memory should be referenced.

What you can do is run your game through a profiler (flash builder has one) that will track your application's memory usage and with that you might figure out what you're forgetting to clear reference (var = null or mc.removeChild(var)).

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it seems like you're not clearing or recycling bitmap data, or some other object, when it's no longer useful, which results in adding more and more data to memory (often in an Enter Frame event handler) and causes major performance issues as we see here.

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Hi thanks for your reply.I have checked the code again and i didnt find anything missing.I am using Enterframe event listener in timeline to update the timerbar in the game just below the Score.But even if i comment that whole code..nothing changes. Here is thelink of my file.Perhaps you will get better idea of my problem. Thanks – Khushwant Nov 22 '11 at 6:39

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