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I'm new to android, and i'm following a book to learn it. there is a simple todo list example that i copied to the computer and am trying to run.

But every time i run it, i get this log:

[2011-11-19 14:44:00 - Todo_List] Attempting to connect debugger to 'com.todoList' on port 8609

and a few lines above it says adb is running normally.

On the emulator i see for a second this message application Todo_List(process com.todoList) is waiting for the debugger to attach. and then it runs - with the debugger

And i have to restart the virtual device every time, because the second time i try to run the application without restart i get this in the DDMS console:

[2011-11-19 14:48:58 - ddms]null

In general - I have no idea whats wrong. just guessing the emulator isn't set up correctly.

have tryed:

  • making a new AVD
  • searching this site, and here i found someone has the same thing - but no answer
  • adding android:debuggable="true" and <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SET_DEBUG_APP"></uses-permission> to the manifest

having this for 2 days now.. :-\

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