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What i wanna do is, to animate and hide some div, on closerlink button click, then hide this button. Function works but doesn't hide the closer_div and gives error message

ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).animate({height: "0"}, 1000).pause is not a function

on ff. Actually it does all operations exc. this line closer_div.hide();. Function looks like that

$(closer_link).click(function () {
    ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).animate({height:"0"},1000).pause(2000).hide();
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The error message says it all... pause is not a function. Did you mean delay? – James Allardice Nov 19 '11 at 13:38
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The animate function does have a callback function that will be triggered when the animation is completed, see code below:

ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).animate({height:"0"},1000, function(){

What you can also do, if you want a height of 0 and have it hidden after. Use the .slideUp() function, this function also has a callback function.

ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).slideUp(1000);

If you want to animate, wait 1 second and do something else, do something like:

ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).animate({height:"0"},1000, function(){
    var _this = $(this);
    }, 1000);

Another option can be the .delay(), which waits 2 seconds.

ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).animate({height:"0"},1000).delay(2000).hide();
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Ok solved my problem. One more Q. Can I combine theese 2 operations? ftr_form_cntr.find("div").fadeOut(); ftr_form_cntr.stop(true, true).slideUp(1000); – Tural Aliyev Nov 19 '11 at 13:43
are you there? huh?... – Tural Aliyev Nov 19 '11 at 13:47
Try using: $('#element').animate({ opacity: 0, height: 'hide'}, 1000); – Niels Nov 19 '11 at 13:48

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