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Client ---| Internet |--- Server

So I have set-up an svnserver server and it is running already. I typed svsnserve.exe --daemon --root "C:\Documents and Settings\Subversion Directory" on cmd. I have also set-up a repository and I can browse it through TortoiseSVN. I am the server computer. What I want to do now is for a client computer to access the server. Only TortoiseSVN is installed to the client, no SVN server. What I want to do now is checkout the repository from the server, what do I write in the URL?

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Most likely:


See this StackOverflow question (very similar)

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what goes into the hostname? my ip address? my computer name? i've tried both but it doesn't work. – Jarvis May 4 '09 at 10:04
The host that you're trying to connect to. You should do some network diagnostics and try to ping/telnet on the SVN port etc. to determine what's working – Brian Agnew May 4 '09 at 10:05

For internet based repositories, you would be better off hosting via a web-server. VisualSVN Server is free, and provides an easy way of hosting SVN on windows using Apache (which it installs and configures). It tells you the SVN http path in the management tool - of course, you'll need to ensure you have line-of-sight/DNS between the devices, which might mean some more configuration / firewall rules / port forwarding / etc.

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Start daemon:

svnserve -d -r my_repo

Connect using RapidSVN: (Bookmarks > Add Existing Repository...) *No need to specify "my_repo" here*

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