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I do not know what I am doing wrong here. In the XAML below, the Border does not fill the available space on the tabItem (just lots of whitespace). How do I fill the entire tab page?

    <TabItem Header="Plant State">
        <Border Background="Red" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"></Border>
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Your xaml works fine for me. There's a 4-pixel-or-so inner padding but that's par for the course with TabControl. Is that the "whitespace" you're talking about? – Matt Hamilton May 4 '09 at 10:03
Hi Matt. So your TabItem is filled with a red rectangle? Not so for me. Maybe it's a problem with the overall template I am applying. Will try the same thing in a small/clean WPF app... – willem May 4 '09 at 10:10
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I figured this out with the help of Matt Hamilton. This actually works fine if you are using a regular TabControl (default Template).

I am using a xaml "theme" that alters the default control template. That is causing the layout to fail, so I will have to investigate and figure out what is wrong.

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Have you found how to solve this problem? I'm having the same issue... – Nelson Reis Jul 1 '09 at 13:49
@willem: ... so what was the problem here? – Brett Feb 4 '12 at 23:25
Answer is also @ stackoverflow.com/questions/1069462/… – Hasani Blackwell Mar 16 '12 at 19:51

Nest a DockPanel in there, have you tried that?


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Hi Andrew, I've tried adding a dockPanel and a Grid, but neither of them make a difference. – willem May 4 '09 at 10:09

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