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I currently export war files and deploy them with GFish console. I wonder if I can directly deploy into Glassfish 3.1.1 using one of multiple GFish adapters for Eclipse. These work fine when doing a simple deploy on a directory context root, but I can't make them deploy as / (root) into a specific virtual server. Eveery one of my apps runs in its own virtual server and all of them have / as context root. I've also been looking at glassfish-web.xml, which allows setting context-root, but can't find how to specify which virtual server a war should install. Last: I've also checked the default war for a virtual server, but that makes GFish mix all virtual servers and try to deploy the war multiple times.

Thanks for any ideas or procedures for this.

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Short answer: No.

The plugins do not support all the 'asadmin deploy' options. There has not been a measurable demand for the feature from a customer.

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