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I am looking for a 2D slider in Cocoa.

It should be something similar to this:

a busy cat

which is Mathematica's 2D slider look here. It seems that there is nothing like this in Xcode interface builder.

Basically my cocoa interface should show a room seen from above (the space where the 2d slider can move), and when I click on it, the 2D cursor moves to that location in the room. Any ideas on how to do this?

An easy way would be to have 2 orthogonal 1D slider, but it's not a nice looking solution.


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The really simple way: subclass NSView, and use the Three-Method Approach to mouse event handling to record the current point (converted to whatever coordinate space you choose, such as 0,0 at the center). In -drawRect:, draw your intersecting lines and "knob" (either directly or by drawing a pre-rendered "knob.png" image, for example). Since NSView inherits from NSResponder, you can use the target/action mechanism to notify your controller when the view's value changed due to a click or knob-drag.

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Thanks @Joshua! I am now working on that. Unfortunately, I am struggling a little with the target/action mechanism. Can you possibly have a look at this question I posted? Thanks! –  Enzo Dec 8 '11 at 2:39

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