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I'm having some issues with codeigniter's validation filter when using checkboxes. I typically used the numeric filter for checkboxes, presuming it would filter for 0 or 1 but now I see there are several instances in which this fails.

Does anyone know a regex that I can put in the preg_match to validate a checkbox?

I would like this to allow for booleans and a few others 1, 0, null, true, false, empty etc...

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A checkbox only returns one value. It's value (as indicated in its value= attribute) or 'true'. If the checkbox is not selected, it is not passed in the POST request. Therefore, for validation, you only need to check for 2 things:

  1. Was it even selected in the first place?
  2. Is its value consistent with what you expect it to be?


if (isset($_POST['checkbox']) && ($_POST['checkbox'] == 'true') { //or whatever value you want

Should do the trick nicely. Unless I've misunderstood your question in which case please comment.

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Checkboxes either have a value or they don't. If they have a value they're checked, if they don't then they're not checked.

A regex would be serious overkill here, you only need to check if the checkbox exists in the submitted data.

$checkBoxChecked = isset ($_POST['checkbox_name_goes_here']);
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