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I have an NotificationsAtmosphereHandler as an Atmosphere framework handler class in my Grails application. I would like to use springSecurityService service inside of it. How I can inject service object into my handler class?

def springSecurityService

The usual service injection does not work.

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 <bean id="notificationsAtmosphereHandler" class="your.package.NotificationsAtmosphereHandler"/>

in class:

class NotificationsAtmosphereHandler {
  SpringSecurityService springSecurityService
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the underlying reason why it didn't work is that your NotificationsAtmosphereHandler was not recognized by Grails as a bean that it should manage and instantiate. (It was not a service or a controller). Therefore you needed to configure its instantiation like in this answer –  Hans Westerbeek Nov 20 '11 at 17:53
can you explain how to do this in grails 2.2.1? –  Atharva Johri Jun 5 '13 at 9:12
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or rather do it the Groovy way in your resources.groovy:

import package.NotificationsAtmosphereHandler


notificationsAtmosphereHandler(NotificationsAtmosphereHandler) { bean ->
    bean.autowire = 'byName'

this way, you don't need the @Autowired notation also.

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